Since the first leaves were infused 4,700 years ago, Tea continues to be embraced by many cultures in different varieties and forms. Manjushree Plantations artfully blends these storied traditions with the sophisticated needs of the modern consumer. The mission is to produce teas that delight the palate, enhance the quality of life and elevate the joys of drinking of what many call the elixir of life.

All teas are made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, but different processing methods produce different types of tea. Manjushree Plantations offers a comprehensive range of very fine teas to cater to every discerning taste.

The teas are divided into three groups based on the amount of fermentation they undergo during processing.

Unfermented Teas

White Tea
White tea is considered to be the most exotic and stylish of all teas. It derives its name from the silver white hair on the unopened buds. Manjushree Plantations produces its White Tea from the finest handpicked buds of the tea plant with the least amount of processing without any fermentation.

Green Tea
Green tea is made from mature tea leaves and undergoes minimal oxidation before processing. Instead of being fermented, green tea is dried quickly thus giving it a slightly astringent taste. A serving of high-quality Manjushree green tea is a very soothing and relaxing beverage.

Semifermented Teas

Oolong Tea
Tea leaves destined to become oolong teas are “bruised” to release the polyphenols present. They undergo only a slight amount of fermentation before being heated and dried. Oolong tea has a very subtle, lingering fruity flavour.

Fully Fermented Teas

Black Tea
Manjushree black teas are prepared from fresh tea leaves that are allowed to ferment completely before drying. There are basically two varieties of Black Tea, Orthodox (Long leaf) and CTC (Granular). Black teas range from the strong CTC varieties produced in Assam/Dooars to the exotic Orthodox teas from Darjeeling. Generally milk is added to the stronger varieties of black tea.